For Your Pleasure--A Typical Cathy Seipp Libel/Slander Against A Teacher

"I unfairly yelled at Maia yesterday when she anxiously called from her cell phone at school
because the algebra teacher hadn't wanted to let her out of class five minutes early. We'd
wanted that so I could drop her off at the college Russian class, and still make it to my doctor's
appointment on time. But not only is anxiety contagious, it can quickly turn into irritability... or so
it often does with me. My yelling caused Maia to cry in class, which caused the algebra teacher
to throw a roll of toilet paper at her head, which caused Jose the phlebotomist -- my favorite
person at the doctor's office -- to express shock and dismay when I told him about it."

Poor Little Maia. It seems that teachers and administrators at every school she attends are so
mean to her all the time--and it is up to Cathy Seipp to inform the world of their "inappropriate"
behavior. The problem is--as usual--it never happened. A roll of toilet paper was never thrown
at Maia's head. It is some exaggeration devised by Cathy Seipp so she has something lurid to
write about and to gossip to outsiders about. And those outside people are ALWAYS shocked
by the stories she has to tell.