Cathy Seipp Knowingly Allowed
Her 13-Year-Old Daughter To
Regularly Communicate
With A Pornographer.
Read Her Own Words For Yourself.

"Maia turned 16 last week, which is why we no longer use her pseudonym 'Cecile.' She began
proto-blogging when she was 13, by constantly emailing (PORNOGRAPHER'S NAME) , and I didn't like
the idea of her real name appearing on a site frequented by pornographers and mob types. Sixteen is
much older than 13, though."

ANALYSIS: It was OK for her daughter to interact with a pornographer at age 13 as long as she was
using a "pseudonym," and now at 16, it was OK for her to use her real name to do the same.

No wonder this child exposed herself to a group of boys at school with no shame about it. Cathy Seipp
was an unfit, abusive mother who should have had her child taken away from her.