Michael Y. Park, a blogger with a grudge, decided to make Cathy Seipp, the
most perverted mother in America who teamed up with her young teenage daughter,
Maia Lazar--both into Fox News super heroes who should be worshipped despite
their overwhelming reprehensible behavior.
      Even though they attacked online--numerous teachers, principals, students and
the schools that the daughter attended—he proceeded to write a distorted, slanted
and biased article for Fox News. The amateurish writing from Park, intentionally put
forth in a biased and skewed manner, failed to mention anything about the
deplorable behavior engaged in by Seipp and her daughter—even though Park was
aware of all of the following:
      Seipp, teamed up with her daughter Lazar to harass, bully and stalk online
numerous teachers, principals, students and the schools the daughter attended;
      Seipp forced her daughter to hang around with a notorious pornographer—
whom she made friends with;
      Seipp allowed her young teenage daughter to participate on an interactive blog
that was frequented by pornographers and other seedy people;
      Seipp allowed her young teenage daughter to work as an intern on a
throwaway newspaper where they had her counting the number of sex ads posted
by a rival newspaper;
      Seipp bragged online about harassing students on site at her daughter's school;
      Seipp attacked a mother whose son died in Iraq;
      Seipp attacked and laughed at a woman dying of cancer;
      Seipp attacked and laughed at a celebrity woman who just died and her son
who had also just died;
      Lazar called her teachers by name “bitches” and other choice words;
      Lazar exposed herself to a group of students at school and both mother and
daughter wrote about in a fun/cheerful manner online;
      Lazar attacked her own grandfather online with a series of reprehensible
      Lazar caused such turmoil in a journalism class, the students all went to the
administrators and threatened to walk out of it unless she was removed;
      Lazar accused her principal of having affairs with students and stated that the
school's bus was regularly used for student sexual activity;
      You can see all the things that Michael Y. Park was aware of and did not
bother to mention as he worked to turn Seipp and Lazar into Fox News Super
Heroes at www.cathyseipp.com.
      This is not the first time Park has engaged in this type of reckless behavior. He
has done it before. He wrote a one-sided article attacking singer Chris Brown that
was devoid of any balanced presentation.
      Park is completely unapologetic about his unprofessional antics and feels he
has special first amendment rights but nobody dare criticize him.
      He has even previously sued the person he attacked for daring to shine light on
his twisted and cheap attempts at Fox News-style pablum.
      One of those people is currently preparing a defamation/misrepresentation
lawsuit against him to be filed on the West Coast.