Cathy Seipp Was An Unfit/Perverted Mother Whose Pornographic Corruption of Her
Daughter Had Serious Consequences - Her Teenage Daughter Exposed Herself to A Group
of Boys At School--And Both Mother and Daughter Cheerfully Boasted About It!

As you already learned, Cathy Seipp made her daughter interact with her pornographer
friends on a regular basis and took her daughter to R-Rated movies filled with sexual
intercourse and profanity.
These activities clearly had an effect on the impressionable youngster who began to
demonstrate the corruption of her psyche by her unfit mother.

(Maia Lazar did not molest this group of young boys or attempt to have sex with them, but
decided that she needed to exhibit herself in front of them)

"The Instance of the Flashing
My friends and I were playing Truth or Dare when it was my turn. Being a bit bold, I picked
Dare. I didn't like the lame dare my friends gave me and I voluntarily flashed a few boys
whose dorm was across ours. I chickened out for a second...and did not want to seem like a
wimp as my friend was yelling 'You can't back out NOW!'

It was only three, or six boys who saw the little jig I gave...but rumors travel fast especially
on the subject of Holy Boobs.

Soon, half the guys of Summer Scholars came rushing to the window, some to the quad. In
due time of course, all the counselors knew about it. My counselor said she didn't care, but
offered her opinion, 'In the future, keep those things to yourself!'
By then, I felt as if I were a demanded sex object. The boys roared for more, this time armed
with their little disposable cameras. I can bet their mothers and fathers would be real proud
if I had flashed them again. 'Jr, what the HELL is wrong with you? I thought I sent you to be
a scholar, not to porn camp!' "

bragging about what happened:
“If you flash the boys in a game of Truth or Dare, the next day they will no longer even feign
interest in your mind but instead will ask a lot of rude sexual questions. Oh, well. Better to
learn that at 16 than 30.”

CATHY SEIPP WAS AN UNFIT MOTHER whose regular exposure of pornography and
corruption to her young teenage daughter resulted in this immoral incident.

What kind of mother doesn't take action after an incident like this?
Like taking the child to a psychologist? Or a Therapist?
But instead, laughs it off IN PUBLIC?
Cathy Seipp was a perverted woman.