Maia Lazar was on the staff of the school newspaper. Everybody was given various jobs and
responsibilities. One of Maia Lazar’s jobs was to help make some very important decisions—which
students would be let go from the class because they were only there for an easy, free period. It seems
that the school newspaper class had previously been a fun place to do nothing and get a college-
applicable credit—with a newspaper only coming out once every few months.
The new teacher decided that the paper would come out weekly and students would earn their grades
from hard work or they would be transferred out of the class. As these sensitive discussions regarding
dismissal of students could not be held in front of them while class was going on, they were held after
school in an OPEN, accessible classroom (with even mother informed of purpose—and even meeting mom
and talking to her!) under the most legitimate of conditions. The new teacher told Maia Lazar that because
of dealing with highly sensitive discussions about dismissing slacker students, that the information was
CONFIDENTIAL. She could not tell friends or other class members about the details of such discussions.
Maia Lazar agreed and decisions were made on three occasions as to which students were to be
dismissed from the class.
However, Maia Lazar quickly alienated the ENTIRE rest of the class with her obnoxious behavior which
included screaming at a girl with a quiet personality. She had the girl in tears with the girl’s mother showing
up numerous times to talk to the teacher and principal.
The ENTIRE class privately went to the school’s principal and announced that they would be walking out of
the class the next week unless Maia Lazar was removed from the class. The teacher was called in, told of
the impending walkout and told to “take care of it.”
The teacher suddenly inundated with this information at 5:00 p.m. called Maia Lazar at home and asked
her what she wanted to do and how it should be handled--offering total support to her. Maia Lazar made
some suggestions and the teacher even talked with the other students’ parents pleading with them to give
Maia Lazar a second chance.
However, Maia Lazar and her mother Cathy Seipp, realizing that her daughter was about to be removed
from the school newspaper class, decided on a different tactic. They would twist everything and blame it
on the teacher.

The two teamed up, as they had before, to libel, slander and defame yet another teacher.

Cathy Seipp started posting comments saying “A teacher is calling my daughter at home” without
explaining ANYTHING regarding what had really happened.
The daughter Maia Lazar sent a letter to the school’s director (a man she had already libeled and
defamed online by saying that he was having affairs with students) saying that the teacher was holding her
after school for “CONFIDENTIAL” meetings.

After speaking with the teacher, the director of the school came to the clear conclusion that Maia Lazar (as
she had done before) was trying to libel and defame a teacher. The teacher discussed a libel suit against
Maia Lazar which the director of the school (an attorney) acknowledged was a realistic possibility.

Because he wanted to keep his high-priced tuition from the student, he asked the teacher, “Is Maia Lazar
going to be in any of your classes next week?” The teacher said “NO—she is out of all of them.”

After the teacher and the director disagreed on how the situation would be handled, and had differences
in the matter, the teacher decided to quit. The teacher did not tell anybody of the decision until the very
last day, with most students not even finding out until a few hours before.

Yet Cathy Seipp, who is also a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, started posting libelous and slanderous material
claiming that the teacher spent A WHOLE WEEK turning students against her daughter.

The teacher did not say anything to anybody until the FINAL DAY he started packing. At which time, a
number of students stormed out of classes and went to the office demanding that the director of the school
convince the teacher to stay. This included 75 students protesting at lunchtime in front of the office,
students crying all over the place (oddly enough, even some boys—even that freaked out the teacher)
and a day with very sad students.
Apparently they all loved this new teacher. Maia Lazar became an outcast at the school with even her own
best friends turning against her for her lack of morals.

An EVIL mother, and an even more EVIL daughter—the truth fully revealed.