After having created problems for many people at the school she attended (Ribet Academy) because of
the untrue and reckless things she was posting online, Maia Lazar agreed with the school's director that
she would discontinue her activities. But, hey, what's one more time? After all, "mom says that I'm very

“Please Be Clean If You Have Sex.
Today I went bowling for my PE final. On the way to the bowling alley, we had to ride in a sordid van. It
was so sordid that a boy threw a used condom on the floor. It is a well known fact at my school athletes
take advantage of the van to seduce girls. However, they are inconsiderate to passengers such as us
because the van stinks. You can still see stains on the seats, where ignorance is bliss.
When I saw the boy throw the sex device on the floor, I was overcome with nausea...and began to pray
for control. I realized that in life, any place you sit could have been used for anything other than sitting.
Anyone too conscious of this, such as a germophobe (what I'm turning into) has a hard life in this world.”

When the daughter created innumerable problems and wore out her welcome at a private school, she
went to a public school. Within a few days, both mother and daughter began Cyberstalking and attacking
teachers at the new school.

This defamation is from Cathy Seipp:"The fourth, however, who teaches chemistry, refuses to include
any lab experiments, explain problems from the textbook, or even prepare lectures. Nor was she happy
when Maia raised her hand the other day to ask why they couldn't do labs, or at least something in class
besides filling out worksheets. The teacher responded irritably that it was her last year teaching and so
she couldn't be bothered with lab work, nor did she care whether students understood the material or

This corresponding defamation is from Maia Lazar: "Wake up, go to school, and smell a refreshing scent
of Lysol mixed with marijuana. Groggily, I began my Tuesday morning. "Whew, bebe, somebody's b een
smoking something!" the about-to-retire teacher said to this glazed eyed student. I asked the teacher
why we had not been doing any lab experiments. I commented on how I did not understand some of the
concepts, and would appreciate if she could lecture at us even. The teacher laughed at me and said she
could care less and that it was her last year so she was indifferent about what we thought or did."