What Despicable Cathy Seipp Wrote
About Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan receives the Silver
Star in recognition of her son Casey
giving his life in Iraq.

She is later comforted by having Cathy
Seipp cyberstalk her and call her an
"idiot" on her blog and further state
that Sheehan is being overly-
sentimental about the whole thing.

"  My teenage daughter, who is a more
sympathetic person than I am, thinks
baldly calling Cindy Sheehan an idiot is
a bit harsh, so I'll amend: Cindy
Sheehan is a useful idiot"

So began the most insensitive,
despicable and shameful arti cle ever
written about the well-known anti-war
activist who lost her son in Iraq.

All of you who think that hurting a dead
person's feelings is unconscionable,
why don't you have something to say
about this Seipp woman who thought
nothing about insulting Cindy Sheehan
and the memory of her son?

""  Cindy Sheehan's maudlin
narcissism has already been
extensively examined..."   Let me save
you some time looking it up in the
dictionary. She just called the woman
who lost her son in Iraq, an "overly-
sentimental egomaniac."

"  But the Cindy Sheehan agenda
extends far beyond her (or, actually,
her handlers’) disagreement with the
war in Iraq, which Cindy and her
puppet masters have redefined to
mean a disagreement with U.S. foreign
policy in general"
Apparently, Cindy Sheehan can't think
for herself. People control her like a
puppet as to what to say and what to

""  Cindy Sheehan is not your ordinary
idiot. She continues to inspire idiocy in
others, which is why she remains such
an icon."

Cathy Seipp was such a caring, nice
person. Wasn't she?