A rational thinking person would ask, "How did she get away with doing all of this for so long?" Why
didn't friends come to her and say, "We know that your daughter just exposed herself to a group of
boys at summer school--maybe hanging around with a pornographer is not influencing her the right
way." Why didn't friends say to her, "It probably isn't good when both you and your daughter are
libeling, slandering and attacking the administrators and teachers at the schools your daughter
attends." That would be normal.

However, when you surround yourself with friends who have even less integrity than yourself--they
become your official APOLOGISTS and ENABLERS.

Cathy Seipp surrounded herself with the likes of Jackie Danicki, Nancy Rommelman, Michael Y. Park,
Amy Alkon, Rob Long and Emmanuel Richard, her official APOLOGISTS and ENABLERS. Although
they were aware of what the woman and her daughter were doing to dozens of innocent people, neither
had the guts to tell her it was wrong.
As fellow right-winged wackos, they felt it was their responsibility to support all activities of Cathy Seipp.
Their job was to make excuses for Cathy Seipp and defend whatever she was doing--no matter how
decadent, perverted or immoral.

With friends like that who act like cartoonish clowns-- "That's Real Fine Cathy!" "It's Wonderful What
You're Doing Cathy!" "Nobody Could Do That Better Than You Cathy!" with her full-time APOLOGISTS
and ENABLERS, you can accomplish a great deal of wrong.