Cathy Seipp loved to tell
everybody else how inappropriate
everything was that they were
doing and saying. Her blog
consisted of continual attacks on
anybody and everybody she came
into contact with, and included the
words "That's Inappropriate" in
reference to what they were doing
or saying.

Let's take a look at just how
"Appropriate" the things that Cathy
Seipp was doing in her life.
Appropriate #1: Cathy Seipp used
to make her young teenage
daughter hang around with a major
pornographer friend of hers. They
would have dinners, picnics, get-
togethers, etc. The daughter told
her astonished teacher, “We’re
having dinner tonight with a

Appropriate #2: Cathy Seipp
allowed her 13-year-old daughter
to communicate online with a
pornographer as long as she used
a pseudonym. When she turned 16,
she then said it was now OK for
the daughter to use her real name
to do the same. (see details below)

Appropriate #3: Cathy Seipp would
occasionally let her young teenage
daughter drink alcohol.

Appropriate #4: Cathy Seipp would
occasionally take her young
teenage daughter to R-Rated
movies in which on at least one
instance-- a sexual act was being
performed in the movie.

Appropriate #5: Cathy Seipp would
regularly libel, slander and defame
her daughter’s teachers,
principals and the schools she
attended. Setting a wonderful
example for her daughter, she
wrote that one of her daughter's
principals was a "400 pound tyrant"
--when the mother could not have
her own way.

Appropriate #6: Cathy Seipp
regularly told her daughter that
she wished she could transfer her
cancer to one of her teachers.

Appropriate #7:Cathy Seipp wrote
for "Penthouse" Magazine. Setting
a fine example for her young
teenage daughter.

Appropriate #8: Cathy Seipp had  a
long-time affair with a married man.

Cathy Seipp -- "APPROPRIATE"