You don't cyberstalk, libel, slander
and defame your teachers,
administrators, fellow students,
the schools you attend and even
your own grandfather online and
think it is OKIE-DOKIE to do so,
because mom does it too and is
about to drop dead.

So goes the case of Maia Lazar,
the self-centered, arrogant,
pompous, self-aggrandizing
narcissist demon-child clone of
despicable mother Cathy Seipp.

Taking absolutely no responsibility
for the things she did--she
believed that everybody should
feel sorry for her. She's just a
sweet little innocent victim.
What were just a few of those

*Online--Accused the male director
of her school of having affairs with
female students and giving them
special privileges.

*Online--Accused a teacher of
having a sexual relationship with a
foreign exchange student.

*Online--Teamed up with mom to
cyberstalk and attack an English
teacher who did not share her
right-winged political views.

*Online--Teamed up with mom to
cyberstalk and attack that English
teacher's replacement, after Maia
Lazar managed to upset every
member of a journalism class--that
were about to walk out of it
because of her obnoxious
behavior. (the mom/daug hter team
needed to twist that one and find a

*Online--Cyberstalked and accused
the school she attended of
operating a van in which she
claimed that regular sexual
activities were taking place among

*Online--Cyberstalked and called
various teachers "bitches" and an
assortment of other nice names.

*Online--After wearing out her
welcome at her first school and
demanding to graduate
early--cyberstalked the school and
accused them of purposely not
allowing her to do so.

*Online--After moving on to
another school, within days,
teamed up with mom to start
cyberstalking and attacking
teachers at the new school.

*Online--Even attacked her own
grandfather with an assortment of
shocking comments.

*Online--Created an entire detailed
online blog fantasy of which she
claimed that a much older man was
trying to engage in a relationship
with her.

*Online--Publicly called an
Armenian classmate an

*NOT ONLINE--Exposed herself to a
group of boys at school. (Maia
Lazar did not molest this group of
young boys or attempt to have sex
with them, but decided that she
needed to exhibit herself in front
of them)

*Online--Cheerfully boasted about
exposing herself to a group of
boys at school.